In-Season Hours - 11:00am to 10:00pm

Bus Person & Food Runner

What is Expected & Required

  • No Smoking & No Drugs, Zero Tolerance!
  • Good Hygiene and wear the specified uniform.
  • Be Attentive & Courteous.
  • Wear the specified uniform.
  • No cell phone use, unless work related.
  • No gum chewing.
  • Do not complain or talk about customer, potential customer or fellow employee.
  • All eating must be completed when side work is done or during your break.
  • Always handle yourself in a professional manor with fellow employees and customers.
  • Organize silverware, sweep floors and patios.
  • Wipe high chairs and booster seats.
  • Clean windows, lamps, booths and tops.
  • Use one cloth for tables and a different one for chairs and booths.
  • No horse playing.
  • Use a bus pan.
  • Know the table numbers.
  • Know menu Abbreviations/ Descriptions.
  • Check food to make sure it is correct and add the correct sides and condiments, do not deliver any food that is burnt or does not look good, we strive for great looking food!
  • Assist with cleaning, setup and breakdown of your station.
  • Assist Kitchen if they need help, we believe in TEAMWORK!
  • Keep the floor clean at all times.
  • Raw bar.
  • Fill ice bins and coolers.

Job duties are outlined but not limited to these specific duties.

You may be asked and are expected to perform additional tasks as needed.

Everything Is Everyones Job!

Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork!